Are you Passionste About Working with Technology?

We Put You In Focus

We put your competence in focus and do not limit ourselves by country or culture borders. By now, we gather over 800 sharp minds coming from 40 countries.


Being engineers, technical writers, software developers, project managers or test specialists – we are all striving for success, it is our corporate culture. That’s why we regularly conduct training and coaching to develop and enrich our expertise.

Technology Experts

At Aeaglet Technologies, you can develop your career at the forefront of technology, helping our customers to develop and improve new and existing products, fulfilling our company aim of making technology usable.

Challenging Work | Caring Leaders | Trust & Respect

Be challenged and take responsibility in a successful company.

Being continuously challenged is mentioned as one of the strengths of Aeaglet Technologies by its employees. The job is challenging as you will work with tough deadlines, adapt to new technology and work with demanding customers. Further, you will be able to work with the latest technology and attractive solutions.

You will work together with many leading Swedish and international companies and be part of a company that values long-term relationships and open/honest discussions with their clients. The close collaboration with your clients means they will both trust you and challenge you to provide new solutions and to continuously deliver high quality results.

You will be given a high level of responsibility in your role and it is your responsibility to represent the company and to deliver first-class solutions. You will be encouraged to find new and better working processes as well as to continue finding new interesting assignments and drive the business.

Working for Aeaglet Technologies means working for a successful and profitable company with a positive growth curve. You will be part of a company that always strives for success which will provide you with great challenges in your daily work. One proof of Aeaglet Technologies being successful is the fact that they have a lot of returning customers as well as previous employees turning into customers when they move on in their career. Further Aeaglet Technologies is also successful in winning new assignments and moving into new markets.

At Aeaglet Technologies you will work for a company with global presence as well as global deliveries. One of Aeaglet Technologies main focus points is to have a local drive and a global strength.

Be supported and trusted by caring leaders.

The open and respectful atmosphere at Aeaglet Technologies is also visible thanks to managers that will truly listen to you in order to understand your specific needs as an individual. Many employees point out good managers as one of the main strengths about Aeaglet Technologies as an employer.

In your day to day job your manager will be available for you and really take the time needed to listen to you in order to be able to provide support and guidance in the best possible way. Team leaders are also dedicated to create and maintain the positive culture at Aeaglet Technologies. You will be treated respectfully and managers will make you and your contributions and efforts feel valuable for the company as a whole. The open culture also makes it easy for you to share new ideas and opportunities or raise potential issues with your manager when needed.

Further, many of the managers have worked as consultants themselves resulting in them knowing how to work with the customers, having the product knowledge and insights into various assignments that you might be facing. They are therefore able to give you relevant support for you to be able to perform and deliver high-quality results.

Enjoy work in a respectful environment.

At Aeaglet Technologies you will work in a respectful environment where both managers and co-workers will treat you in a friendly manner. You are allowed to be who you are and everyone is treated equally regardless of their background.

Many employees mention the friendly culture and the fact that it is easy to feel part of the team as the main strength of Aeaglet Technologies as an employer. Employees often describe each other as being helpful and good team members. Co-workers do help each other and co-operate with each other when needed. Many employees also point out that Aeaglet Technologies cares about its employees and their well-being. Simply put, you will find yourself working for a company with a flat organization and a very open atmosphere.

Further, not everything is about work, you will also make a lot of friends and do fun stuff outside of work together with your colleagues.

Trust is also about being trusted with taking on full responsibility for your assignments. The fact that Aeaglet Technologies also manage to take on and deliver challenging projects creates trust and respect between the company and its customers.


Your continuing growth and career with Aeaglet Technologies

Training & Workshops

For our employees, we regularly conduct various training sessions and workshops both in terms of career development and personal growth. These training activities are not only a great chance to improve the skills, but also a perfect opportunity to get to know the colleagues better.

From Trainee to Coach

With Aeaglet Technologies, every employee can develop their public speaking and leadership qualities by participating in training sessions and courses as speakers and mentors. Our specialists regularly offer workshops and seminars to share their hands-on experience.

Conferences & Summits

The company organizes its own conferences and summits for employees in different locations all over the world to discuss the latest business topics and industry trends, and strengthen the team spirit.